About Back-Office

1. Only 24 x 7 Outsource Provider

We believe business is a 24 x 7 reality. Everything that takes place should be processed as near realtime as possible. That is the service we provide: a 24 x 7 digital back-office processing capability that keeps you continually in the know, compliant and empowered to act. This is just one of the ways we help you make more money and take your business to the next level.

2. Our Accreditation & Experience 

We were established in 2014 - as digital capability matured. We were incubated by two ex-PwC digital champions: one with a deep technology background, the other an awesome CA. The staff and partners are either accredited with SAIPA or SAICA - the 2 most creditable bodies in SA. We are also registered tax practitioners. 

3. Our Digital, ‘Work-from-Anywhere’ Technology

The technology landscape keeps improving and we move with the improvements making sure we give you the best platforms possible. We specialize in the XERO  - the Apple of financial platforms and one of the fastest growing cloud accounting platforms in the world.  Our technology capability extends to inventory, CRM, job management, creative, POS, eCommerce, bills processing, expense claims, approvals and more. Check XERO out. 

4. Our Service Continuity

We believe that this is a 24 x7, 52 week service. Therefore you will always have a team of accredited staff serving you. They rely on each other to be in a position to take leave and at the same time ensure a continuous and uninterrupted service to you. We ensure a standard way of processing. The technology we use learns the processing and manages it wherever possible into a uniform and consistent result. Your Back-Office is always there for you.

5. Our Partnering based Leadership

Our leadership differentiates itself in two ways: firstly there is a dual leadership strategy : one focused on technology and digitization and the other on back-office accounting, compliance and payroll services. In this way our clients get the best of both worlds: digitization of their businesses and back-office processing. We see ourselves as your partner in every way. This extends to pricing ... when your business grows, we grow our service with you. When your business goes through a slow month, we shrink our services and price as well. 

6. Our Platinum Status

We are the youngest XERO ‘platinum’ status provider meaning our clients like what we do. We provide digital platforms to more than 500 clients and process the back-office transactions for 100’s of clients. We love what we do: helping you succeed and keeping you informed. If we are not yet doing it, we would love to be your 24 x 7 Digital Back Office partner helping you grow your business and your profitbility. 

Welcome to our website

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